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The formation of the Chinese Community Council of Australia is overdue.  Many major communities such as the Jewish, Italian, Greek and Lebanese have an umbrella body which deals with the Australian interests of these communities.  Chinese speakers rank number two in New South Wales (after English speaking), yet they have no umbrella body to represent and advocate their interests. 


Since the 1990s, recipients of government grants are expected not to engage in advocacy.  Although any peak Chinese community organisation has the potential to become an umbrella body, their acceptance of government grants makes it difficult for them to play the advocacy role. 


There are some Chinese organisations which claim to represent other organisations that are not recipients of government grants and could take up the advocacy role.  However, they do not have the skills or experience to advocate or deal with Australian governments on policy matters such as immigration and settlement, housing, education, health, aged and other day to day issues affecting all Australians.  There are some smaller and articulate organisations but their advocacy work is limited to single issues.


It is now clear that there should be an umbrella body that can advocate for the needs of the Chinese community.  Such a body should be financially independent of government funding so it will be able to speak out without fear or favour.  This body would draw its funds from the Chinese community and businesses and be served by individuals with the relevant skills and experience to ensure that the Chinese community has an active umbrella body to look after the community.


There are many talented people in the Chinese community who have developed their skills and experience in policy and advocacy work in other Chinese organisations and/or the Ethnic Community Council of NSW.  They are now willing to come out and serve on an umbrella body which only deals with policy.


The CCCA will take up the responsibility of an umbrella body and this body will have the potential to unite Australians of Chinese descent from China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and other parts of the world, simply because it caters for the common Australian interests of all Chinese Australians.

Contact CCCA:

Dr Anthony Pun - 0414 976 363


Email -



澳華社區議會已經正式成立。很多主要社區如猶太、意大利、希臘和黎巴嫩民族等都有自己的聯合組織協助處理他們在澳洲的利益問題。  雖然說華語的民族在紐省排行第二位,但他們沒有一個聯合組織能代表和申辯他們的利益。


自1990年後,接受政府資助的機構都是不假定有向政府作申辯利益的角色。 雖然有些大的華人社區機構是有潛能去成為一個聯合組織,但由於他們須靠政府資助而有他們的一定困難。


有些華人機構聲稱他們能代表那些沒有受政府資助的機構作利益申辯。 但他們却缺少有必須技能或經驗的人材去向政府有關部門處理一些政策上的問題如:移民定居、房屋、教育、健康、年老和影响日常生活的事情。有些規模較少的機構只可能作有限度的代辯。


大家都明白華人社區需要有一個聯合組織去代表申辯他們的需要。這組織應是經濟獨立和勇於發言,不偏不倚。 它會是受其他華人社區經濟支持和個別具有有關的專才和經驗人士的協助。


在我們華人社區內,有很多有才幹的人士在其他華人機構和/或紐省民族社區議會工作時,建立了他們在政策上和申辯工作上的專才和經驗。 現在這班人士願意出來服務此聯合組織,協助處理政策上的問題。



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